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what i see in "creating" or "co creating" in either there is that need for manifestation. you have your soul directed towards certain goods, you are craving for permanent and sustainable achievements. And in that craving there is pain, and when you look at that pain enough, you see that you must endorse the pain, whether yours or other's. You will see that listening to our pains, is more than constructive to your future outcomes. Even more so those pains in the end of your measuring them, and measuring is what you do about them, eventually you find those pains provoked two aspects in you. One is whole inclusiveness, or oneness and the other are actions that are truths.

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"REVOLT said: I’m more in the spirit. I can not see much about (my) created situations. They seem to slip between my Hands. Then i AM left me to take off and soar. Not with colors But into the algebra of this reality, of the context. This broken and loudly disturbed world, where I as a painter and as a man, only my pain has the right of Speech and he, me pain judges between light and dark. What can I say I do not have a reality, nor life! as a painter I AM joke" ~ Yousiff



Starting with arousing Earth with the NEW7 serie. this one is 50x40cm OilonCan.

Pay: One Ounce Gold 14 or equal for “series 1″



UFO captured by the painter around mid January 2014 from his home in Tiberias. UFO approached from the east traveling seemingly 300 feet above ground aiming at the house, it first was flickering red and then STOPPED ! After it stopped, suddenly the lights faded away and transformed into THIS two colored whirling object in the picture! Yos

Two To One Primal Animal

Two To One Primal Animal / Available @ Arttist Collection Tiberias

Two To One Primal Animal / Available @ Artist’s Collection in Tiberias